Mapping Sustainability 4.0: contributions and limits of the symbiosis




Industry 4.0, Corporate Sustainability, Technology, Sustainable Industry, Content Analysis


The history of industry is marked by four industrial revolutions, and society is now in the consolidation of its fourth, which provides opportunities for sustainability, such as reduction in environmental impact and social inclusion. This article aims to identify the main authors, countries, articles, and research gaps on the theme "Industry 4.0 and Corporate Sustainability"; and to draw up a mind map with the research trends, through the analysis of the documents that are indexed in the Scopus database. Among the main trends that were identified in this article are: Industry 4.0 as a tool to support sustainability; Intersection and boundaries between sustainability and industry 4.0; Development of industry 4.0 along the lines of sustainability; Management applied in sustainable industry 4.0. The main contribution applied was the exposure of the possibilities that companies can implement, both in relation to sustainability in the development of innovative technologies, and the use of technologies to strengthen the pillars of sustainability.


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